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Annual Smoke Detector Confirmation

Effective March 01 2006, all homes must have working smoke detectors  outside every sleeping area and on each level of their house .   As of January 1 2014, all homes must now also have functioning Carbon Monoxide dectectors on every level of your home where there are sleeping quarters. These rules include both owner occupied units and rental properties.  

To ensure these regulations have been  complied by all unit owners on your site, our office requests written confirmation of all working smoke and CO detectors in every unit.    Residents are requested to complete  an annual smoke and CO detector confirmation  form and return the same to our offices by April 30th of each year, either in hard copy or by completing the online confirmation below.

For more information on this topic please visit the City of Ottawa Web site at www.city.ottawa.on.ca or the Ontario Fire Marshalls website at www.ofm.gov.on.ca
R. Dixon Management Inc. Smoke and CO Detector Form

As of March 01 2006 all units both owner occupied or rental units, must have a working smoke detector outside every sleeping area and on every level of the unit.  As of January 1 2014, all homes must now also have functioning Carbon Monoxide dectectors on every level of your home where there are sleeping quarters. All unit owners are required to ensure an annual inspection and confirmation of all required smoke detectors is completed and reported to our office on behalf of the Corporation.

Name of Unit Owner
Inspected Unit Address
Number of working smoke detectors
Number of working CO detectors
Number of levels (floors) in the house
Date of Inspection
Name of inspector ( if not inspected by the unit owner)
Change of Mailing Address / Contact Information

If you wish your Corporation correspondence to be forwarded to an address that is different from the address of the unit you own, or you are an absentee owner/landlord and do not live at the unit, change of address and contact information must be forwarded to our office in writing.  Address and or contact information can not be altered by telephone requests.  To submit a request for address and or contact information change on line, please complete the form below.

Seasonal / Emergency Contact information

Most Corporation sites keep emergency contact information as well as any seasonal contact information for those owners who vacation away from their homes for extended periods of time.  To provide your corporation with this information, or to change the information previously provided, please complete and submit the form below.

Owner Emergency/Seasonal Contact Form


Unit Owner Name
Unit Address
Seasonal Address
Seasonal Telephone Number
Emergency Contact Name
Emergency Contact Telephone Number
Emergency Contact Address
Relationship to Owner
Other Information

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