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Additional / Visitor Parking Information and Registration

Additional Parking on site

If you are interested in renting  additional parking, please contact our office to inquire if such spots are available at your Corporation site. 

You may send your inquiry by email to parking@dixonmanagement.ca  or call 613-820-1801 Ext 24.

Visitor Parking On site

Most Corporations have  dedicated parking areas for the use of Visitors to the site.  In most cases, these spots are for the use of Visitors only, and are not to be use by residents of the site at any time.  Please refer to your Corporations Rules and Regulations for your site's visitor parking policy, or locate the visitor parking signs at your site for registration procedures.

Your site's visitor parking areas may be monitored by an outside contractor.  Signs in your visitor parking areas will indicate the required steps for registration.  In most cases the use of visitor parking over a 48 hour period will require the approval of the property manager.  This can be obtained by contacting our office at parking@dixonmanagement.ca or submitting the online request below. 

PLEASE NOTE:  The submission of an email or online request does not constitute as approval from  the Corporation.  Residents must ensure they have abided by all Corporation rules for registration and followed all on site posted requirements.  Tickets and or towing may result if a resident has not complied with the Corporations rules and regulations for use of visitor parking areas.

R. Dixon Management Inc.  Visitor Parking Registration Form (over 48 hours)

Please ensure that you have followed all site posted registration procedures, prior to submitting this form.  If you require a copy of your Corporations Rules and Regulations for the use of visitor parking, contact our office.  The submission of this form does not constitute approval from the Corporation.  Please ensure you have received confirmation of your request from our office.

Telephone Number
Email Address
Vehicle Licence Plate
Parking Start Date
Parking End Date

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